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High-Quality On-Demand Online Training and Courses

About McTimothy e-Learning

McTimothy e-Learning is an online learning and development interventions that is nationally recognized and available for all classes of learners whether self-sponsored individual or corporate learners sponsored by their company. With McTimothy e-Learning, we have brought you the online training you need just the way you want it. This is your simpler smarter way to learn and grow!

McTimothy e-Learning is an online learning platform featuring 130+ video courses taught by expert instructors and subject matter experts (SMEs). You can take courses in anything from business to programming

McTimothy e-Learning is building an ecosystem to guide learners towards their educational and career goals. With a simple interface and thousands of courses, we will help millions of learners decide which course to take next, grow their career and succeed in business or art.

McTimothy e-Learning was established with a purpose to make education and professional development available, accessible and affordable to all the students, professionals, and executives across a spectrum of courses and streams anywhere, anytime at the tip of their fingers with their devices. We wish to create and promote a concept of coaching and life-long learning at your businesses or homes.

If you want to experience an engaging, effective e-Learning or training programme, then talking to us at McTimothy Associates could be a great place to start. We help organisations large and small to reduce training costs, make onboarding and compliance faster, and improve learning outcomes to transform results.

The Mission of McTimothy e-Learning:

To provide You limitless opportunities that enable you to learn wherever you are, get certified and develop new skills/competencies – at your own pace – using our e-Learning solutions.

Benefits of McTimothy e-Learning

Our e-Learning will help you turn people’s advantages into competitive business advantages. It is more affordable, accessible and costing less than more traditional talent development options.

Our average user retains more knowledge via e-Learning than in an orthodox training session.

Any individual undergoing our online learning package can also easily request a USB stick or portable device with e-Learning course materials and watch anytime, anywhere.


Other Benefits include

– Self paced learning

– Continuous personal and professional development
– Convenient and effective learning

– Online mentoring for certification courses
– A hassle-free learning experience
– Creation of personalized learning path
– Mobility; learning anytime anywhere any device
– Increase productivity in the workplace
– Cutting edge technology

Target markets can make the most out of the available learning packages which include certified training courses with a varying array of courses topics, to align with their needs most effectively.


Our Bright e-Learning Features                   



Endorsed Certificates   

· Any day, Anytime · Mobile & web learning Professional recognition
· Great Value for money · Online Realtime Support for your growth
· Adaptable to all devices · Learn wherever you go First-class e-Learning Provider
· Group course purchase · Learn at your pace Industry relevant


How McTimothy e-Learning Works

McTimothy e-Learning is an online learning community with high-quality resources to help you develop essential certified workplace skills. Our e-Learning courses have been developed by subject matter experts (SMEs) with extensive experiences in Corporate Training, Public Courses, Online Training and Virtual webinars.


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– Learn:
 Learn on your own schedule
Watch short video lectures, take interactive quizzes, complete peer graded assessments, and connect with community of learners and teachers.

– Achieve:
Help you achieve your goals
Finish your class and you’ll be good to receive recognition for your accomplishment

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